You Never Know

You Never Know Book Cover IIThe Christopher Saga Continues

This sequel to Mark My Words tells the story of Elijah Edwards, current patriarch of the Edwards branch of the Christopher family and first cousin to Allan Beckley Christopher.  Eli bears the legacy of a wealthy, powerful African American family with generations of old money.  He has also inherited a “gift”–one that can bring happiness, joy, pain or tragedy randomly.

From his power couple parents, Eli learned the values of family, service, commitment, integrity, work ethics and the responsibility that came with wealth.  His is a family that sets standards rather than follows them, and the Edwards family has put their stamp prominently on the community.  He knows well the family motto:  “You never know what hand in life you’ll be dealt.”

Will Eli’s “gift,” however, help him or hurt him when he needs it most?

Through his wife of fifty-seven years, his sister, his children, nephews and niece, we will learn of him and the influence he and his “gift” have had on their lives.

The time is 2007; the place, Minneapolis.