Playa No More

The time is 2005; the place, Minneapolis.

Douglass Edwards, nephew of Eli Edwards, Sr, and current CEO of Edwards Enterprises, has a reputation stretching from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. as a bona fide, dyed-in-the-wool playa. Successful in business, his personal life has been a jet-set party, and his numerous conquests of women were legion, enough to be given the title Train Wreck.

At 45, he has reached the point where his lifestyle is getting old, and he knows it is time to make changes in his life, changes that come when and where he least expects them.

Graphic designer Preston Welch has been burned by a DL man in his past, feeling gun shy about giving his heart away. As a friendship gradually develops between him and the older, wealthy, powerful playboy, Preston finds himself wanting something more. But will he find it with a brotha who’s 1) a notorious womanizer and 2) has never been with a man?