The Rise of Sherry Payson

Our story begins in 2007 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.               

Bestselling romance novelist Sylvia Berry Lewis has enjoyed an amazing career, accolades for her work, and wonderful readers. A need and a passion to see African American couples represented in the romance genre manifested into success. When she made the decision to journey into romantic mystery and mystery, she was humbled when her loyal readers followed her.

Sylvia’s creation of a new series, Sherry Payson Mysteries, featuring a Black defense attorney/private eye team and a Black gay legal assistant, upped the ante for her. Unfortunately, she has fallen victim to that archenemy of authors—writer’s block. Nearly at the end of her rope, an unexpected altercation at the Edwards annual fall party smashes it, and out comes the idea for the most challenging case for Sherry Payson.

Come along for the journey of Sylvia and her characters as she, with help from her family and friends, navigates her way through the process of writing a bestseller—before she even knows it’s a bestseller.