Built to Last

Our story begins in 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Tyrone Adams, Jr. and Roman Dixon have been best friends since their college days. By the time Roman graduated, Ty knew he had a crush on him, but he has kept it to himself for the sake of their friendship. Besides, not only were they best friends, but Roman was straight. When Roman married and moved to Minneapolis, he invited Ty to move there. Ty, of course, would do anything for Roman, and lands a job in the accounting department of the family-owned company Edwards Enterprises. His love for Roman, however, is becoming harder and harder to conceal.

Roman Dixon has had his share of issues. A knee injury ends his career in professional football; making lemonade out of those lemons, he becomes a construction foreman. When Ty takes him in after a messy divorce from his cheating ex-wife, Roman has had time to take stock of his life, particularly his rock-solid friendship with Ty. Feelings he’s never experienced before are surfacing. Or had they always been there?

|Will Ty and Roman embrace what has been in front of them all along, and take that leap of faith?