Dare to Dream

Our story begins in 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Computer nerd Shawn Daly has had his fill of a job that’s going nowhere, as well as a string of failed relationships with women. His grandmother, Martha Christopher Shaw, regarded him as having a “restless spirit.” Feeling the need for change, he packs his bags to relocate to Minneapolis from Milwaukee for a job opportunity with Christopher Electronics.

His career takes a turn for the better, but his love life is stalled. He has all the striking Christopher genes and brains, but a meeting at the Edwards fall party gives him a new slant on his failures in the love department—in the form of Deverell Johnson.

Project planner Deverell Johnson is committed to making positive change in the Twin Cities Black community, for himself, his family’s construction company, and his two-year-old son Kente. He had resigned himself to having a family whether or not he had a husband, but the intriguing brotha at the Edwards fall party has him daring to dream of having it all. But Shawn is straight—or is he curious?