The Right to Be

The Right to Be CoverOur story begins in 2005 in Nassau, Bahamas.

For all intents and purposes, 18-year-old Allan Christopher Davis has everything going for him. He is the son of international music legends Lissa and Michael Davis of the jazz ensemble Sunrise. His grandfather is billionaire Allan Beckley Christopher, founder of the Fortune 100 company Christopher Electronics. His cousin is Elijah Edwards, patriarch of the powerful Edwards branch of the Christopher family, known in family circles for his “gift.” Elijah’s wife, Donna Gray Edwards, is the queen of Twin Cities society, yet there is no place in the world she cannot reach to make things happen. He and his twin brother, Michael Davis, Jr., live in a beautiful villa in the Bahamas, raised by loving parents.

The islands, however, are no longer what they seemed to be. Allan is openly gay, yet he is stifled in a relationship with a closeted boyfriend and only tolerated in public, and he has reached his limits. In strong family unity, the Davises leave the Bahamas and return to the United States, where roots are reestablished and, hopefully, Allan will find the kind of love he wants so much.

But what awaits a child of celebrity in a country obsessed with celebrities, with heightened media and internet scrutiny? What lies in store for Allan on his road to the man of his dreams, before and after he finds him? How “normal” will normal be?