Never Give Up

Never Give Up CoverNever Give Up is a family saga, beginning in 2012 in Minneapolis. It tells the story of Earl James Berry, patriarch of the Berry family and lifelong friend to Elijah Edwards. Like Eli, Earl is a man of character, honor, and integrity, highly respected, well loved. Through his connections to the powerful Edwards family, doors of opportunity opened for Earl. Although he did not come from old money, he made a name for himself, as well as becoming another role model and success story in the community.

As one of the first African American district attorneys in Hennepin County, he racked up a success rate in convictions that took him to a seat on the bench for criminal court cases. He has had a long and distinguished career in the field of law and justice, and the reputation of being a tough but fair judge. All of his children have married well and are successful in their own right. Family and being rooted in faith have always seen them through, until a fateful day of what should have been a time of celebration comes…

As his life hangs by a thread, we see his life and legacy through the eyes of his wife, his six children and one of his grandchildren, and wonder if a “gift” passed down through the generations will help to solve a mystery.

“Their collective stories give an intimate view into Black lives in Minneapolis from the 1930s on, and the richness mentored by adults imbued with integrity, who never give up.”

–LAVENDER Magazine, February 11, 2021

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